Customer Story

This is an overview of our selected projects.

Move regular process away from Email in-box

Alert, reminder, CC of quotation, CC of invoice ... Too many email make it hard to find what you want.


Approval Workflow

eliminate the use of email back and flow of reports, keeping track of multiple versions. We make it simple yet retain the permissions required to protect sensitive data.

Warehouse Management

Cargo Tracking by Bar-code, Job processing


Big Data Manupulation

analysis large volume of corporate data and produce useful data , KPI

Upgrade Email System

evaluate your existing email system if it need more protection

New technique has emerge recently to protect your corporate email system from external and internal attack

IT may be necessary to upgrade your email system to conform with latest digital autheication standard so that your business partner can know what is a real email from your company and what is not!

intranet and eLearning

Company intranet publish common information with eLearning courses for staff enhancement