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Well-presents your company with Internet Marketing

Composes best strategy on major internet search engine and social media
Performs SEO, enterprise branding, web site redesign, Google Adwords and more ...please read our solution

Internet marketing

Customs Software Development Workflow:

Analysis Information 7 day

to carefully study your requirement and expectation, related workflow, input/output procedures, resources involved and more

Interactive Planning 7 day

to create prototype, layout , flowchart, hardware usage plan and begins exchange idea and design concept with stakeholders for a desireable result

Design and Development 14 day

to produce the software, consider user experience issue and possibly acquired the required license of third-party product and more

Testing and Delivery 7 day

to make sure the product deliver meet client's requirement, hardware utilization within estimation and more


to monitor and take action on hardware, database and server against any failure, constantly fine-tune software and hardware to acheive better performance and stablity
please read our solution

E-Commerce Solution help startup your web store quickly

beautiful artwork and will stay productive for 5-10 year before considered out-dated. New project deploy thelia2

more details ...please read our solution

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RealTIme App Flow
Real Time Data Flow
We build Powerful App with real-time data flow - it makes interactive collaboration of 10-1000 desktops and mobile devices smooth. it can also empower social application with live activity streams notification and chat , also provide an unbroken document push engine constantly deliver new reports and invoices to Mobile/Tablet App, so user can review, update and/or approve them please read our solutions